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I'm the typical Tumblr girl: unattractive, 16, in too many fandoms, likes Doctor Who and music. It'd be hella rad if I looked like her. I live a dull life, but at least I'm pop punk. ❤︎ I just really love Austin Carlile ❤︎


why dont they make those cute lace bras for D cups why is everyone hateful 

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Science fact: An apple a day doesn’t keep the doctor away if you’re involved in a horrible traffic accident.


these two.

casually bringing this back bc relevant

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I think it’s really fucked up how so many teenagers are alone and sad and having panic attacks in their room while their parents watch TV, and how a lot of those teenagers have had relatively normal childhoods, yet there’s this huge boom of depression and mental disorders, and its just dumb how we’ve turned into a generation labeled ‘reckless’ but really, we’re only reckless with ourselves

This is one of the best posts I’ve ever read

holy shit

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24-25/25 pictures of Austin Carlile (uno/due)

2010 tumblr: don't be racist or homophobic or sexist. Be kind and accepting
2014 tumblr: I'm more oppressed than you. Don't listen to white rappers. Sushi is cultural appropriation. Kill straight people.




I wish I was taller

 I wish I was little bit taller,

I wish I was a baller

I wish I had a girl who looked good

I would call her

I wish I had a rabbit in a hat with a bat and a ‘64 Impala


credits: Thank you to fuckyeahhayleywilliams for the video.

I don’t know why imlyingtoimpressyou changed the credit from when she was first reblogging this years ago, but the video is mine. The credit is mine. It’s not whateverthefuckparawhore’s video or audio. Sorry, it is just really annoying me to see this post going around again now with someone else credited for it.



Every day I struggle between “I wanna look good naked” and “treat yo self.”





if your mental health is ruining your education and you know it clap your hands


if your education is ruining your mental health and you know it clap your hands


If your education’s sketchy, and your life is kind of shitty
If the current state of things is a little fucked up, clap your hands.

*clap clap*


i did a band ask feel free to add more
all time low: how close are you and your best friend(s)?
blink-182: are you immature?
bring me the horizon: do you seem intimidating to people?
fall out boy: how much do you love your hometown?
fun.: are you popular?
green day: are you an inspiration to others?
my chemical romance: do you miss anybody?
never shout never: how much would you change/do for the person you have feelings for?
of mice & men: do you have a lot of pent up rage?
paramore: have you matured a lot in the past few years?
panic! at the disco: are you poetic?
pierce the veil: do you wish you could change something you regret doing?
sleeping with sirens: do you think you're overrated?
twenty | one | pilots: do/did a lot of people in your hometown love you?
vampire weekend: favorite school subject?
30 seconds to mars: can you be very serious at times?
5 seconds of summer: what do you think your most redeeming quality is?

twenty one pilotstrip for concerts_spring2014The Fillmore | Charlotte, NC6 April 2014
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twenty one pilots
trip for concerts_spring2014
The Fillmore | Charlotte, NC
6 April 2014

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All Time Low- Don't Panic videos [x]